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Air, Nitrox, Trimix, Oxygen and Argon

Air, Nitrox, Trimix, Oxygen and Argon

Waterfront Scuba use a state of the art pumping system and are happy to supply air, nitrox, trimix, oxygen and argon all up to 300 bar pressures.

At the heart of our pumping station is a L & W 450 ES silent compressor which pumps at the rate of 450 cubic feet a minute. We have enough capacity in our high pressure air banks to fill 50, 12lt cylinders to a pressure of 232 bars before we need to run the compressor.

This enables us to provide you with a speedy and efficient air fill service. If you run a school and would like your tanks pumped without the fuss of waiting ages then pop in and see us.

All our air is "clean" and is tested and certified every 2 months. The results are published here for everyone to see. We are also able to monitor the quality of our air in real time as it's being pumped with the use of the puracon system. This monitors the air quality through the unit and alerts us to usall high moisture levels.

For mixed gases; nitrox, trimix, oxygen and argon, we have a stanstead fliuid 4 stage pump which can pump oxygen, helium and argon to 300 bar. Ideal for the CCR and technical diver.

Our pumping system is often used by local dive clubs for the purpose of teaching gas blender training and we ourselves are happy to teach anyone wishing to use such systems to advance gas blender levels.

Air Purity Test Certificate

Air Purity Test Certificate

Date : 11th October 2014
Source: L&W 450es
Place of test Upminster

Water Vapour 9
Carbon Dioxide 200
Carbon Monoxide 1
Oil None
Oxygen 20.9

Found to have passed requirements of BS4275