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Atomic Aquatics Full Foot Split Fins


Sizes in Black


The Atomic Aquatics SplitFin® is now available in a full-foot model. The Full-Foot SplitFin® is lightweight -- lighter than other full-foot split fin designs -- yet delivers results comparable to the larger open heel fin. Designed to deliver the highest performance ever achieved by a full-foot fin, the Atomic Aquatics Full-Foot SplitFin® meets and exceeds user expectations whether being used for snorkeling or scuba diving, and has proven to be the highest performing full-foot fin in the world. Using the patented Nature's Wing design Atomic Aquatics has added a unique light-weight batten and blade design that delivers incredible performance and more power.

Scuba divers traveling to remote warm water destinations choose our full-foot model because it's extremely lightweight, more comfortable, very attractive and simpler to transport. The fins are easy to pack and don't take up as much space as traditional, heavier open heel fins. The performance it delivers is simply amazing making this model a favorite among divemasters and instructors in resort areas around the world. Even divers in cold water areas choose the Full-Foot SplitFin® as the perfect compliment for their gear bag. Now there's no reason to carry heavy open heel fins when traveling to warm water destinations. The Atomic Aquatics Full-Foots don't have cumbersome buckles, are less bulky and even double as snorkeling fins when desired.