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Dive Computers

Scuba Diving Computers

A scuba diving computer gives you a custom dive profile by sampling information about your dive, including depth, bottom time, ascent rates. Every 15 to 30 seconds your personalised dive profile is updated to computer for you to see. You gain benefit from these profiles as the computer will credit you when you ascend and will give you more time on multi level dives. You can use you computer to plan your dives and they will also record your dives for easy recall afterwards so you can update you logbook.

Some dive computer models come with Transmitters which fit to your regulator first stage, this provides you with real time information on your remaining air / gas, your estimated dive time based on your breathing rate. You will gain credit again when you ascend as this information becomes part of the dive profile that your computer is giving you.

Many dive computer models no come with built in Navigation features which make navigating back to your entry point.

Your nitrogen loading levels are calculated by your dive computer and again this is where you gain benefit from a dive computer giving you your own personal dive profile. Using dive tables you plan for square profile dives, with a computer you are constantly getting a custom multilevel profile. Dive computers automatically calculate your no-decompression limits for you. This eliminates the risk of user-error that's present when using dive tables. Dive computers are Nitrox compatible, some models even have gas switching abilities to enable you to plan more technical dives and accelerate your decompression by using higher percentages of oxygen within your breathing mix. Think of them as a little guardian angle monitoring your dive. Waterfront Scuba Stocks all the leading brands such as Suunto, Oceanic, Mares, Scubapro and many more