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Scuba Diving Dry Suits are for all but a few divers are a must have option. If you'd like to dive all year round then a good quality drysuit is a must. Drysuits usally come in two defferent types neoprene or trilaminate both will keep you dry but will need to be worn with some type of undersuit.Neoprene suits offer a contoured fit and can be made to fit or measure. They allow far more flexible movment and offer some thermal protection. Trilaminate suits are quick drying neutrally bouyant but offer little or no strech in the matieral so are oversized to allow the diver to move. Waterfrontscuba stock most brands of scuba diving dry suits, but we do feel O'three offer the best neoprene package while oceanic offer a life time warranity on the trilaminate suits they make.

Dry Suits