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Fourth Element

Fourth Element Argonaut Drysuit

Fouth Element Equipment and Materials say quality, one purchase is enough to sell the brand to you for life.

Argonaut The Adventurer's Drysuit
The Argonaut drysuit has been developed for the harshest diving conditions on the planet.
Ergonomic design along with a telescopic torso allows maximum comfort and range of movement whether diving in conditions of extreme cold, using multiple thermal layers, or with lighter undersuits in warmer waters.
When you need the confidence that your suit combines years of manufacturing, design and diving experience to deliver ultimate performance, look no further.
Achieves European Standard EN 14225 - 2: 2005 for Drysuits in accordance with E U Directive 89/686/EEC

Durability and Comfort
A specially engineered durable flex tri-laminate material is used throughout, making the Argonaut an extremely rugged suit. This fabric has already been specified for military use and features hardwearing fabrics laminated with a flexible butyl layer for the ideal balance of durability and comfort.

Optional Extras
SiTech Antares ring system with silicone seals and dryglove system

SiTech neck seal system with silicone neck seals

AGIR or SiTech p-valve

Neoprene neck and wrist seals