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Fourth Element Thermocline Long Sleeved Top Mens




Men Thermocline Long Sleeved Top from Fourth Element. Made using Polartec® Aqua Shell® fabric, Thermocline is probably the most versatile full immersion thermal protection available for today's adventure sports enthusiast.
This material is specifically designed to prevent heat loss and insulate you during full immersion sports. Thermocline has the highest wicking material in existence that pulls water away from the body, keeping you dry within minutes of being out of the water. Whilst submerged the advanced properties keep you warm with the thermal properties of a 2.5mm wetsuit ( but not the buoyancy problems) it will keep you warm in the most challenging of environments! Also being 100% wind resistant, Thermocline assists in preventing the bodies core temperature dropping due to wind chill. Being 100% breathable also lets your body breathe so you really can have the best of both worlds! The garments are machine washable and even if treated harshly will continue to perform.