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Hollis Dry Suits

Hollis Dry Suit

Forget the drysuits you have known and discover how comfortable drysuit diving can really be. Constructed with patented WearForce(R) material, the BioDry Drysuit is like no other suit on the market. Strength and 4 way stretch with a complete range of motion allows for a more streamlined fit. Say goodbye to bunching and rigid material. Never before has a drysuit been more comfortable.

5 year warranty on workmanship
FX100 front entry design for self donning or BX200 with rear zipper
New model with reinforced wearforce composite kneepads now shipping
Bioflex improved with WearForce material: a non-woven nylon material Laminated to a heavy-duty, stretchable polyurethane
Light weight
Low maintenance
Resistant to most chemicals
Drysuit bag included

Washable with soap and water
Does not absorb water
WearForce material is very low profile and reduces drag in the water
Seams sewn and double taped for extreme protection against leaks
Latex seals
Low Profile Si-Tech Inflator and Dump Valves
New - Heavy duty composite kneepad