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Lavacore Unisex Shorts




The ultimate multi sport thermal garment when superior protection against wind chill is required.

An ideal garment if your game involves lots of water contact.

This is ideal as an extra layer that is sometimes needed under a wetsuit for added warmth

Water resistant outer layer on all lavacore suits facilitates fast water run off and is incredibly quick drying.

Wind proof middle layer provides anti wind chill properties and ensures you stay warm in cold conditions.

Antibacterial inner fleece minimising odour and eliminating bacteria.

4-way stretch makes Lavacore incredibly comfortable to wear.

Breathable middle layer allows perspiration to be drawn away in hot conditions.

Lavacore is neutrally buoyant so you won?t be unnecessarily weighted down.

All Lavacore seams are overlapped during flatlock sewing to ensure maximum water integrity

Full gusset incorporated into the underarm to offer exceptional arm movement and stretch.

Sun protection of SPF 30+

Male & Female specific cut available in full length suits, shirts and vests.

Lavacore is designed and developed in Cooperation with Oceanic, your guarantee of quality.