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Mares X Stream Fin




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The X-Stream fin from Mares is a brand new, adjustable, open footed scuba fin which is lightweight and comfortable with a new foot pocket and new blade construction for less turbulence in the water. The X-Stream is designed to provide a greater thrust throughout the water but with less effort and this is achieved by allowing the blade to maintain an optimal angle throughout the kicking cycle along with a channel thrust which, inspired by marine mammals, allows for great channeling of water compared to other fins of the same size.


Riddled foot pockets prevent water from entering the space between the bootie and the foot pocket which would normally create a parachute type drag. The perforations also make the foot pocket soft and flexible and means there is no longer a suction which can make doffing cumbersome.
OPB or optimized pivoting blade allows the blade to maintain an optimal angle throughout your kicking cycle. This provides a constant thrust which keeps fatigue to a minimum and provides fluid movement through the water.
Superchannel. The blade has been designed with a large, flexible central superchannel which propells water more efficiently down the fin blade instead of letting it spill over the sides for optimal performance and minimal diver effort.
Channel thrust is inspired by marine mammals and this new technology maximizes the channeling of water and moves a much greater amount of water compared to other fins. This results in greater thrusting power but with the same amount of effort.
ABS plus buckles allows quick openingand closing of the buckle even when wearing thick neoprene gloves. The double button release prevents the buckle from accidentally opening making it really user friendly.
Open foot pocket provides maximum power and evenly distributes pressure over the foot to minimize tiredness. Internal ribbing inside the foot pocket improves fit and prevents foot suction and flexing of the foot pocket whilst transmitting great power to the blade.
Tri Material construction provides superior performance, maximum elasticity, great durability and a resistance to aging.
Small: Up to UK size 7
Medium: UK Size 7 - 10
Extra Large: UK Size 10 and upwards

Online Catalogue | Masks/Fins/Snorkels | Open Heel Fins | Strap Fins |  Mares X Stream Fin