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Lifetime Warranty
The Oceanic Lifetime Warranty programme was created to help demonstrate the faith we have in our own products and also to provide you with support and after sale care for the entire time that you own the product. The Limited Lifetime agreement offers FREE routine annual maintenance parts for as long as you own your Oceanic product and maintain the terms specified below. This program applies to all Oceanic Regulators, Buoyancy Compensators, Dive Computers, and Analog Gauges purchased and serviced through an Authorised Dealer in the UK only. There are a few terms and conditions in order to keep the products in good condition and safe working order so please read the details below carefully.

Terms and Conditions

1. The lifetime warranty will only apply to the following items of Oceanic life support equipment purchased and serviced through an Authorised Dealer in the UK only:

Regulator - First and second stages
Regulator - Octopus
Buoyancy Compensators
Digital Instrumentation and Dive Computers
Maxdepth Gauges
Submersible Pressure Gauges
Regulator mouthpieces, high pressure and low pressure hoses are NOT included.

2. The online registration must be completed by the 30th day following the purchase of the product by the consumer. The following details MUST be included:

Purchaser’s name and address
Details of the Dealer selling the product
Date of Purchase
All serial numbers must be registered separately. (e.g. Complete regulators must be entered as 1st and 2nd stages and air integrated computers must be entered as watch units and transmitters)
Product model

3. The extent of the warranty cover:

The product’s statutory 12 month warranty is not affected
Oceanic’s 24 month warranty on life-support is not affected
All product parts for the lifetime of the product are included, subject to fair wear and tear. Damage caused by puncture, impact or misuse is not included

4. Conditions of Warranty

The product must be serviced on an annual basis by an authorised Oceanic Service Centre.
The lifetime warranty only applies to the original registered purchaser and is not transferable to any other party
The product’s service record must be updated online by the service centre at the time of service
The product must be serviced within 30 days of the due date
The product must have been purchased in the United Kingdom, the Republic of Ireland, the Channel Island or the Isle of Man
The product must have been purchased from an Authorised Oceanic Dealer who is solely supplied with Oceanic products by Oceanic (SW) Ltd
The product must only be used in recreational SCUBA diving or in the instruction of recreational SCUBA diving
The product must have only been used with gas mixtures as approved by Oceanic for that product
The lifetime warranty will only apply to products being serviced or repaired in the United Kingdom, the Republic of Ireland, the Channel Islands or the Isle of Man
All and any labour costs incurred in the servicing or repair shall be paid by the purchaser
All and any costs of postage and packing are to be borne by the consumer and or the dealer

5. Oceanic (SW) Ltd reserve the right to reject any claim for parts which are deemed to have been subject to abnormal use or have been replaced unnecessarily

6. Any product serviced or repaired by an unauthorised service centre, engineer or individual will immediately be considered outside of the lifetime warranty programme.

7. The lifetime warranty programme will not apply to products used in a commercial application such as Diving Schools or Dealer Rental programmes, although the personal equipment belonging to an Instructor will be includedPurchase in complete confidence, try our regulators in the pool and if your not happy simply return them to us for an exchange, all regulator packages are assembled and tested on site by qualified service engineers.

Oceanic Diving Regulators - Lifetime Warranty