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Point Below Base (PBB)
Internal thermal insulation for drysuits, we feel, is one of the most misunderstood elements of drysuit diving. It is fundamental for divers to understand thermal layering and it's buoyancy implications when deciding what to wear under a drysuit. Materials that have been proven in more extreme environments than diving have been used by O'Three in the development and manufacture of a technical, functional, easy to wear set of garments specifically designed for our sport. O'Three's Point Below Base (PPB) layering system is stage one in our development of a multifunctional, interchangeable heating system.

Buoyancy Problems, ­ What's To Blame?
At some stage or another most of us have experienced problems with buoyancy control. Unfortunately, the finger of guilt usually gets pointed at the drysuit. The purchase of a compressed or crushed neoprene suit might solve some of the problem. However the majority of the blame should be placed firmly at the choice of undersuit.

Old Thinking
It is accepted that insulation is directly proportional to the amount of trapped air in a material. Therefore, the thicker the fabric the warmer you will be. This somewhat outdated view has created a generation of bulky, buoyant and restrictive undersuits.

Modern Fabrics
Today’s modern fabrics trap greater amounts of air than traditional fabrics of the same thickness. The end result, more insulation with less bulk, increased flexibility, reduced buoyancy issues and a lighter weight belt.

O'Three PBB Undersuit Size Chart

Moisture Transfer

To stay warm it is imperative you stay dry, not just the job of your drysuit, but your base layer/ undersuit as well.

Your first concern must be to move perspiration away from your skin. Polarpro technical thermal fleece wicks, breathes and is hydrophilic, which means the fibres do not adsorb water.

Body moisture is transferred away from the skin and in its place a contour of warm dry air is created.

Choose Carefully
To maximize the characteristics of all drysuits, choose your base layers or undersuit carefully and you will maintain excellent flexibility whilst still being able to dive in the coldest of conditions. One set of PBB base layers is all that is needed under a MSF 500 drysuit or similar, this has proven itself to be more than effective for most divers throughout the whole year. If you’re using a thinner drysuit, such as the Ri 2-100 or similar, double up the PBB with superb thermal results. This combination has proven to be warmer and just as importantly, more flexible than a conventional undersuit.

Online Catalogue | Clothing | Undersuits | O'Three Undersuits - PBB Base Layers |  O'Three PBB+ Base Layer - Undersuit