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Scubapro Seawing Nova Fins




The Seawing Nova Fin from Scubapro combines paddle fin power, acceleration and
maneuverability with a split fin's effortless efficiency and comfort. Its articulated joint, like that of a whale or a dolphin, lets the blade pivot, reducing drag while generating and maximizing thrust.

Divernet rated this fin very highly for pwoer and comfort in diver tests


Variable Blade Geometry. As the diver kicks harder, the Seawing Nova's wing tips arc upwards, streamlining the blade, increasing high-speed stability and reducing drag.
The ERGO2 Super-ergonomic foot pocket promises the very best foot comfort.
The rigid 'Power Plate' foot plate extends to the back of the heel and ensures ultimate power transmission with less leg strain.
High-Tech Elastomer Construction. Seawing Nova is made from an extremely modern and durable material which provides superior technical characteristics and makes the fin both lightweight and virtually indestructible.
Marine Quality Bungee Heel Strap. This fin can be easily secured on the foot or pulled off, thanks to the convenient heel strap.
Easily adjusts using pin system for a custom and comfortable fit.