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Split Lensed Masks

Buying Your Scuba Diving Mask and Snorkelling Mask

Buying Your Scuba Diving / Snorkelling Mask
To find out if a mask will fit your face, try the following steps
Place the mask on your face, making sure there is no hair caught inside and the your forehead is clear, take a breath in through your nose whilst holding the mask. Then move your hand away and the mask should stay sealed to your face. If it does not try a different mask

If the Mask fits in stage one, then pull the mask strap over your head and adjust it so it is snug. With the mask on look up, down, left and right to ensure the mask does not move or dislodge during the process of looking around

Take one finger and gently place it between your teeth this will simulate having a regulator or snorkel in place and will let you see if the mask seal becomes loose above your top lip.

Make sure you can pinch your nose with the mask on to simulate equalisation of your ears

Types Of Scuba Diving and Snorkelling Masks
The classic scuba diving and snorkelling mask has one big lens and your nose is inside. This is more of a dated design and some people find the masks harder to seal on the smaller face.

Single Lens Mask
This is a very common type of mask, it has a nose pocket and gives you unobstructed forward viewing. One possible issue with these masks is that they tend to have less room for your nose bridge. So you may need a split mask to keep the mask from pressing on your nose, particularly once there is a little water pressure pushing the mask in.

Split Lens Mask
A split Split Lens Mask Scuba Diving Mask will allow more room for a bigger nose bridge, and usually offer the lowest internal volume, making them easy to clear underwater. You might think you will notice the divider in the middle, but your mind will quickly ignore it.

Three/Four Lens Mask
The next option is to add side windows. These allow better peripheral vision and more light, providing a less claustrophobic feel. Don't expect to be able to focus out these windows. Instead they just allow you to see motion in a more natural way. Adding the side windows does increase the masks air volume.

Frameless Mask
The frameless scuba diving mask such as that by scubapro, atomic aquatics and oceanic masks lose in design the stiff plastic frame and instead glues the silicone skirt directly to the single front lens. These are very lightweight and low volume masks that tend to be much more flexible. These usually give you a very comfortable and flexible fitt.

High Volume vs. Low Volume Masks
What is the Difference between the Two. A high volume mask is farther away from your face, has more air inside, and has more buoyancy. Really there is nothing good about high volume and low volume is better. A low volume mask has less air inside, and is generally a smaller design. A low volume mask is easier to clear water from. The downside ot low volume mask is that generally you have less visibility in a low volume mask.

Mask Skirt
This is the most important part of your scuba diving and snorkelling mask because it is what makes the seal around your face. This is the soft flexible material that goes all the way around the mask.

Coloured Skirt V Plain Skirt
Most scuba diving and snorkelling masks now come with clear skirts, this has the benefit of letting light pass through the skirt to give overall brighter vision underwater, they also wont cast a shadow over your face if your an instructor or divemaster and are less intimidating to your students. Black mask skirts are very popular with underwater photographers as the skirt blocks stray light coming into the mask, they are also very popular with technical divers. Black skirts can give a more claustrophobic effect due to the restriction in the light passing through the mask skirt. Howeever the effect is not that drastic and it is worth trying both clear skirts and black skirts to see what you prefer when buying your mask.