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The desire to be warm and dry while under water and a frustration with existing equipment has been the driving force behind the beginning of Weezle Diving Services Ltd.

Weezle Diving Services is a family business, set up by two divers looking for reliability and value in dive equipment. The innovative & advanced products in our range so far are manufactured to our design to the highest specification by the leading companies in their field.

Our range consists of simple concepts made into quality products, proudly made by hand in the UK.

Please note the waist of a Weezle is elasticated & measured un-stretched & will have 2-3 inches, 3-4 cms of 'give'.

Here is how to measure up for your Weezle

Waist: between hip & lower rib
Hip: the widest part of the hip/bottom
Chest: around the nipple area
Torso: from top of sternum (the suprasternal notch) to crutch
Arm: for 1 piece suits; measure from wrist bone to where the shoulder seam of a shirt would be on top of arm
Arm; for Oxygen Jacket & Hydrogen Jacket; measure under arm.
Leg: From crutch to ankle bone