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New to Waterfront Scuba, PADI Distinctive Specialty Full Face Mask Diver. An exciting alternative to using a standard Scuba regulator. Using a Full Face Mask is easy, a lot of fun and offers some great advantages to using a standard Scuba regulator,  such as keeping your entire face warm during those cold water dives, there is no jaw fatigue or water against your face, it is hard to knock a mask off due to the webbing strap that secures the mask, great field of vision and you can add a communications unit so that you can talk to each other.

Benefits of Full Face Mask Diving

*  Much greater field of vision
*  Ease of breathing plus the ability to breathe through the nose.
*  For cold water diving as it provides excellent coverage and protection against cold water
*  No more Jaw Fatigue
*  More secure less likely to become dislodged due to the spyder strap system
*  Better protection for you keeps waterborne infections at bay
*  In the unlikely event of a diver becoming unconscious the regulator cannot fall out, which     means the airway is kept dry

padi full face mask diverYou will complete a combined classroom theory /pool session at one of our pool sessions and then complete two Open Water Dives using the Full Face Mask for certification. These qualification dives can be done on any of our open water dates or any of our overseas diving holidays. Just want to try it first, no probelm, Full Face Mask Experience Dives are available to club members at £10 per session, one on one sessions with a qualified instructor or £15 to non club members. Sessions available from the 4th September 2013 on-wards please call 01708 227122 to book your space

A great article on the PADI Full Face Mask Diver Specialty can be found here

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