Best Iphone Apps for Scuba Diving 2

Best Iphone Apps for Scuba Diving

There are some great scuba diving applications for divers out there, for those divers with iPhones, but which are the Best Iphone Apps for Scuba Diving,  below we have taken a look at a few of them to let you know a little more about them, what they do and why we think they are useful.

scuba diving apps The London Diving Chamber (LDC) phone application is designed as a key resource for scuba divers. It has advice and easy-to-follow instructions for what to do in an emergency, whether a diver is suffering from decompression illness or as some call it the bends, has problems equalising; has been stung by a jellyfish or many other common incidents that may be experienced on a scuba diving trip or holiday. If a diver is suffering from decompression illness (the bends) this application will use your current location to work out where your nearest decompression chamber is. There is a practical pre-dive check list that will go through the key points to ensure you are both physically and mentally ready for your dive. The extensive A-Z of diving medicine in this application will answer many of your dive medical questions and if you cannot find what you’re looking for then you can simply send in your query direct to the doctors at London Diving Chamber who will get back to you. In addition, this application has a dive log book facility that enables you to log your dives. If your a professional diver with an iPhone then this app is a must have as part of your emergency planning there is even a  Dive Incident Planner with easy-to-follow instructions and advice on what to do in a scuba diving emergency or incident, in the unlikely event that you will need it. The best thing about this app is that it is free.

padi appPADI Mobile Application, This app from PADI is another must have for your dive bag. It can show you the nearest dive store or resort nearest to your present location, but more importantly it shows your latest diving qualification as an electronic certification  card or as its called the PADI eCard™ . If you have left your certification cards at home but have your phone with you then you can verify your qualificaiton with the dive centre or resort. It also brings you up to date news with Scuba News, This feature gives you the latest scuba news, events and announcements delivered straight to your mobile device. The app is Free

ideco proIDECO Pro, This iPhone application brings you a complete multiple dive / multi-level dive planner for the technical diver. It includes support for Open Circuit Diving as well as Closed Circuit Rebreathers (CCR).

Includes decompression stops, gas usage, CNS tracking, OTU tracking, Surface Interval tracking and many other features. Currently implements the Buhlmann ZHL16/C with Erik Baker’s GF algorithm.

Open Circuit – Scuba : Supports Air to TriMix (any combination of O2/He/N2), with an unlimited number of decompression gases. Includes Thirds support for planning dives.

Closed Circuit (CCR): Supports any O2/He/N2 combination for diluent. Automatically generates bailout plans based on entry of bailout gases. Features a Cave/Wreck bailout option for overhead environment bailouts and gas planning.

Gas Fill/Mixer: Allows for filling of Air, Nitrox and Trimix via a simple, easy to use interface.

All settings are configurable via the iPhone Settings.   Supports Imperial and Metric price is £5.49

eanxIdive Nitrox App This is a great little App for those divers who are nitrox or enriched air certified. This application is a calculator for determining the best blend of Enriched Air Nitrox (EANx) for any given depth. This tool also features maximum operating depth (MOD), contingency depth, equivalent air depth and partial pressure of O2 calculators.

This is great tool for Nitrox divers, Divemasters, Instructor candidates and Instructors.The best part about this tool is that its simple to use and does the job. The author accepts no liability or responsibility for the accuracy of the information generated by this application. This tool must only be used by suitability qualified SCUBA divers in conjunction with proper dive planning. The App is Free

divebuudyproDive Buddy Pro This iPhone App is written by a PADI Master Scuba Diver Trainer. The App features

+ Recreational Dive Planner with Nitrox
+ Dive Log with automatic recreational air and EANx calculations.
+ Dive Site database with GPS and map support.
+ Metric and US units.
+ Nitrox Maximum operating depth calculations.
+ Nitrox Best blend calculator for any given depth.

Please note that whilst this product is designed to be compatible with the PADI RDP and eRDP there may be some some differences due to rounding. For example using PADI metric RDP/eRDP a dive to 10mt has NDL of 219mins, using PADI Imperial/US RDP/eRDP the same dive has NDL of 205 minutes.

This is great tool for any diver, especially of you’re Divemaster, Instructor Candidate, or an Instructor. Why buy 4 or more apps when you can just buy DiveBuddy Pro.

There are lots of scuba pps out for there for the iPhone, these are just some of those that we have used and or tried and we felt deserved a mention. This is a paid app

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  1. Steve Green says:

    Android dive log is another good one .

  2. Frank Jensen says:

    What about Baltic Deco Planner for the iPhone? And Baltic Blender for gas blending.

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