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Being cold is no fun at all

You may have heard of an urban myth which says that most of the heat is lost through your head, in fact I had heard that upto ‘70% of heat is lost through your head’.

In a newspaper article ‘Scientists debunk the myth that you lose most heat through your head’ they rubbish this claim saying that if this was true humans would be just as cold if they went without a hat as if they went without trousers!

The face, head and chest are more sensitive to changes in temperature than the rest of the body, making it feel as if covering them up does more to prevent heat loss. The scientists said that covering one part of the body has as much effect as covering any other.

Now our bodies lose heat 20 times faster in water compared to air. When we go diving we normally wear wetsuits which trap a thin layer of water between your body and your suit and with the thermal properties of the wetsuit material, this keeps you warm.

Have you ever felt cold during in a dive?

FE Pin Post- Tag if you would like to become a PADI Drysuit diverNo one likes to feel cold whilst diving as it spoils the enjoyment of the dive and in some cases it will even cause you to cut your dive short. Whilst different makes and models of wetsuits can cover a wide temperature range if you are looking to do longer dives or extend your diving season then you may have heard about something called a drysuit. Unlike a wetsuit, a drysuit seals you off from the outside water and using air injected from the diving cylinder and appropriate undergarments keeps you toasty warm throughout your diving.

Diving in a drysuit will protect you from the elements so that you can take advantage of the generally better visibility offered by winter months meaning you get to see more and if you are into photography/video take clearer images.

 Katie Carlin – “I learnt to dive in a drysuit because I was finding that I spent more time feeling cold than I did enjoying my dive. Now that I can dive in a drysuit, my dives are longer and more enjoyable. When I went diving with the seals at Lundy Island I was spent over an hour in the water and I was toasty warm and couldn’t stop smiling!”

PADI Drysuit Diver course

The PADI Drysuit Diver course consists of a manual, DVD, one confined water dive and two open water dives. You will gain the skills knowledge and skills to safely dive with a drysuit and the buoyancy control skills that are different from diving with a wetsuit.

So make sure your next dive is a cool one and not a short, cold one. To find out more and/or to sign up click the following link – PADI Drysuit Diver course. Why not consider the course as a gift for the diver in your life, we can supply the materials, manual and DVD for you to wrap for Christmas.

Waterfront Scuba are a premier O Three and Fourth Element Dealer. We are a PADI 5 Star Dive School offering you top class facilities featuring Classrooms with full media and projection options and a 6 metre deep pool which is just perfect for getting started in your drysuit.

Current waterfront Instructors have won industry awards for their services to diving and commendations from PADI for student feedback received. Professional courses taught by professional Instructors.

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