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Diving Computer things to consider 0

Diving Computer Considerations for Purchase
When you start purchasing equipment one of the items you will come to consider is that of a diving computer. There are different styles and designs some a console based and replace your gauges, some are like an oversized watch or square / oblong watch […] Continue Reading…

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Scuba diving therapy 0

Original Post from PADI.com
Scuba diving therapy may aid physical and mental recovery
Suffering a major injury can be devastating. Not only does the injury affect a person’s physical well-being, but their mental health as well. While there are numerous therapies depending on the type of injury, more people are learning […] Continue Reading…

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Scuba Diving with Waterfront Scuba 0

Boat Diving Sunday 18th August Littlehampton
These dives are suitable for all levels of diver as both will be in the 10 to 15 metre range, this offers a great introduction to sea diving in the UK. Call 01708 227122 for more details
Next Open Water Dates 7th & 8th September […] Continue Reading…

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The Benefits Of Buying Your Own Scuba Equipment 0

Buying your own dive gear

Just a few seconds underwater can be enough to get bitten by the scuba bug and become the start of a love affair for being underwater that lasts forever.
Scuba equipment can be an expensive outlay especially if purchased in one go. Renting equipment from your […] Continue Reading…

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PADI Digital Underwater Photography 0

Our PADI Digital Underwater Photography Day at The Underwater Movie Studios in Basildon saw a 9am start for day packed with presentations, diving, shooting photos, learning and fun.
First off we looked at the benefits of Digital Photography such as the fact that you get a result straight away, that […] Continue Reading…

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Oceanic OCi Dive Computer 0

Introducing the Oceanic OCi Dive Computer. For the diver that wants it all. We mean that literally. The OCi represents the next step forward in recreational wireless air-integrated dive computers from Oceanic. We’ve combined the technology of our advanced OC1, the styling of our best selling OCS and some new features into […] Continue Reading…

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PADI Diver Training Stoney Cove 0


Beginning on Friday evening the dive team and students travelled up to Stoney Stanton in Leicestershire to a B & B ready for an early start to open water training on the Saturday.
Following a hearty breakfast they made their way into Stoney Cove for two days of diving.
First up […] Continue Reading…

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O Three Port 10 Drysuit New 0

The all new O’Three entry level dry suit with all the expected qualities from the O Three brand. The Port 10 is built and designed to stand up to the rigors of commercial diving whilst at the same time being perfect for recreational and TEC divers.
The Port 10 is a no frills 4.5mm Compressed Neoprene […] Continue Reading…

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Mares Instinct 12S Regulator Set Special Offer 0

Mares Instinct 12S Regulator Set Special Offer
Get the Primary, Octopus and Mission Gauge for just £305.00
One of a kind
• Hydrodynamic second stage shape
• Lateral exhaust tee
• Lightweight, Great for Instructors / Divemasters / Professional Divers
The revolutionary design of this second stage introduces a multiplicity of benefits.
The side exhaust deflects the exhaled […] Continue Reading…

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Oceanic & Hollis Launch Pro Programme 0

Great discounts for professional divers
Oceanic UK has launched it’s professional diver programme, extending the advantage of great quality equipment to professional divers throughout the UK.
We’re launching this now, and it’ll be followed in the UK diving press with several advertisements promoting the concept and sending customers to your dive […] Continue Reading…

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