Is Your Scuba Diving Equipment Fit? 0

tanksFor most of us, all of our scuba diving equipment has been tucked away in some far corner of the shed, garage or under the stairs cupboard hibernating over the long dark winter months. Unless  like me, then its scattered all over the place in various bits and pieces.

Well now’s the time to sort it out and have your regulators serviced, check that your dry suit seals particularly at the wrist have not become damaged by the cold weather and that it hasn’t been subjected to that mystery condition that makes them shrink!. Turn on your dive computer and make the battery levels are giving you an OK reading, check that the screen is displaying correctly and has not been damaged by the cold.

It never ceases to amaze us how you can put something away in a fully working condition, only to find when you next pick it up something’s gone wrong with it!! Safe diving is all about preparation really, and “if you fail to prepare then expect to fail” . Its far better to check all of things out now and get them sorted before you turn up for your first dive season to find out out that you have to sit there and watch everyone else because there is a failure on your scuba diving equipment.


Waterfront Scuba has a huge stock of regulator spares and service kits, Dive computer batteries, BCD Service kits,  dry suit wrist and neck seals or dry suits and  I make sure we are always well stocked with rebreather spares too With two full time service engineers I can usually get one of them to service my kit as I plonk it in front of them. (Well we got to have some perks), but I do understand it can be often, well down on the list of priorities in the current financial climate. So to help out in this area Waterfront Scuba will give you 5% discount on ALL your dive equipment servicing needs, if when you book your scuba diving equipment in your say that you have read this blog post.

Remember to check that your scuba diving cylinders and oxygen cylinders are in test too. Should you use Nitrox, Trimix or pure Oxygen then make sure your diving cylinders are in Oxygen Clean service. Current regulations are diving cylinders 2.5 years from last test date and Oxygen Clean 15 mouths from clean date.

Remember that your diving equipment is life support equipment and there is no problem with scuba equipment that will get better underwater, we want you to enjoy Safe, Fun Diving. If you cannot get to the shop we are happy to collect your equipment and we will even deliver it back to you all serviced, please call 01708 724228 for details.

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